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By doing this research project I hope to learn more about our flag and how hard our ancestors worked to create it and make it our flag. I also want to discover why our nation's colors are red, white, and blue. Something I would also like to understand better is the importance of saluting to the flag every morning and How the was made. I would also like to figure out where the inspiration for our flag came from and where our flag was created. I also have many other questions such as, Why were stripes chosen to represent the original thirteen colonies? Why do stars represent our fifty states and the reason for them being white. Who made our flag and why did he or she design it the way it is today. I understand that only half of the states in America salute to the flag and I would like to know why. Finally, I want to learn about major events that our flag was in and when…show more content…
Actually the meaning of the colors on our flag are unconfirmed but there are some popular beliefs on what they represent. Blue represents watchfulness, perseverance, and justice. Red represents courage and hard work. White represents purity and innocence. Now the stars are suppose to represent the fifty states but people also believe that they represent people's desires to achieve greatness. Our flag has many common nicknames such as The American Flag, The stars and stripes,The Star-Spangled Banner, and The red white and blue. Another very common nickname for our flag would also be ¨Old Glory” which was owned and created by William Driver In 1831. An American sea captain in the 19th century who was about to set off on one of his world voyages, was given a flag of 24 stars. He would then continue to protect his flag for many years, even during the civil war. After doing his job at sea he then brought it to Nashville, Tennessee, where he he decided to
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