The Importance Of Overcoming Social Anxiety In High School

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Before I entered high school, I was never a fan of doing tasks that took a lot of nerve. Ever since I moved to Canada, I was insecure about my communication skills because I did not know much English and I was unfamiliar with the new environment. Therefore, my insecurity led me to become timid, as I started to have social anxiety. However, at the start of high school, I was determined to overcome my social anxiety and improve my public speaking skills. During the freshman year of high school, I noticed that there are monthly school events that take place during lunch time and so, I would always visit them and have a great time. An example of a popular school event would be Back to School Blast. At this event, students can play games, such as water dunk, sumo wrestling and watch live musical performances. As time passed, I always wondered who ran these events because they always turned out fantastic and it seemed very enjoyable to organize. At first, I thought it was a club so, I went around asking other students if they know how I can join it. However, during one of my classes, the teacher mentioned that a group of students from Student Council is the main organizers of the event. Ever since then, I grew interest and I knew that before I graduate high school,…show more content…
Although I was not able to join the Student Council, I have no regrets and in a way, I feel as if this experience made me realize that it is possible to overcome your fears and just because you started off as a timid girl, it doesn’t mean that you always should be a timid girl. And so, from that day on, I started to participate in more public speaking events, such as Model United Nation, and I believe that these steps to overcoming my social anxiety has really changed me to better myself and that is how I am the active and brave person I am
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