Importance Of Parent Child Relationship

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Importance of parent-child relationship: the connection between parent and children shows vital role in understanding the interpersonal problems of the children’s. For many years it was thought that parental rearing defined by two dimensions. The first one defined as “care” like acceptance, warmth, responsiveness and rejection. The second one defined as “control” like the behaviours related to discipline, supervision and overprotection (Cummings, Davies & Campbell, 2000). In order to interpret the process through which parents influence the child development, it is necessary to recognize the parenting styles, or emotional environment within which socialization happens. There are two dimensions of parental rearing like the first one is Parental warmth such as attachment, acceptance, hostility, and rejection. The second one is parental control such as monitoring, supervision, control, and discipline. Above two dimensions of parenting are independent. Parental warmth discusses to the quantity of warmth, friendliness and acceptance that an adult shows toward his or her child. Warmer and encouragement parents are defined who often smile at, admire, inspire and encourage their child with restrictive their criticism, penalties and signs of dissatisfaction. Warmer parents are extremely dedicated to the child‘s well-being, and are responsive to the child‘s requirement. They are agreed to devote time in joint creativities of the child‘s indicating. Parents who are evaluated

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