Importance Of Parental Attitudes

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"For a child, his/her mother and father represent the world. The child thinks the world will act the same way as how the mother and/father does.1 M.Scott Peck
The interaction of the parents with children and the parents’ attitudes play a major role in the child’s development and in determination of their personality in the future. Our children are shaped to respond to these basic attitudes and define their behaviors in light with their parental attitudes.
How we communicate with our children in the family, whether we accept them as an individual and how we express our love, all of these affect our parental attitudes.
When we consider parental attitudes, there is a wide variety of attitudes. Two faulty attitudes draw attention.

Authoritarian Mother - Father Attitude
Parents that show authoritarian attitude, demonstrate high level of supervision while the sensitivity is low. The control belongs to the parents. They demonstrate a strict, repressive demeanor. They show no tolerance for mistakes and punishment is used in order to give a lesson. The punishment may be deprivation of love or physical violence. In order to ensure they do not repeat the unwanted behavior, they use following sentences, "I do not love you anymore, I am not your mother" When mother, father and child are in interaction, threat, punishment, and criticism are the most frequently used. Thus, the child develops an inferiority complex, as he/she is constantly criticized and even

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