Parenting With Love Analysis

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Being firm
Being firm is an essentiality of the “Parenting With Love approach”
“Parenting With Love” approach achieved impressive results and had a great impact on parents and children... Yet, some of our followers started to feel that “Parenting With Love” leaves them unable to resolve certain matters or to reform some behaviors that their children exhibit...
Truth is, we can insure a deeper and a wider impact with love. However, “love” does not mean to be lenient and to talk softly and mildly all the time; for there are times when we need to be firm and when it is essential to resolve matters more seriously... So, whenever we notice that a child’s conduct is unbearable or is potentially dangerous, when we start feeling afraid or when
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Certain matters that require a firm stand include: bed time, school work, prayer, respect among siblings…show more content…
Or they may not be allowed to read a bed time story because the story time was up… I can cancel an arrangement to go somewhere together; and when they ask why the arrangement was cancelled I could tell them that “I did not get enough sleep because of staying up late, and that I cannot do anything today because I am tired”... And then say no more nor blame the child. They will recalculate their actions, reconsider the situation and will learn how to amend their mistakes….
As for any other matter, firmness can also be applied. We can do little tweaks to the steps depending on the situation and the age of the child.
To put it in a nutshell, one of the main discipline strategies in “Parenting With Love” is being firm and decisive, because a child lives happier and is more stable when there is transparency in the way they are treated, clear regulations and fixed limits and consequences that teach them to correct their mistakes without hurting them nor making them feel dejected or
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