Importance Of Parents Essay

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The Importance of The Parent 's Role to The Children

Why the role of parent’s is important for children? The first education center is from family environment. Parents will be a role models for children, usually the behavior of a child will imitate both parents. So the role of parents is to provide good examples and habits that can be an example for their children. This role can be done in various ways such as giving advice to children, follow the development of children and direct the child with his or her future. So as a parent we should know the role to take care our children. However there are some of parents who do not understand about the role, so they were assumed the role becomes unimportant even ignore it. It can be seen from several
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Actually this is still concerned with the first factor. Usually in a adequate families have one or more a housemaid. Beside their main duties taking care of matters, such as cooking, washing, ironing clothes, and cleaning the yard, they are often tasked with caring for children. Even we meet there are baby sitters in handing out special duties to take care of their young child, because both of parents are busy working out doors. Therefore, the housemaid or baby sitter are involved in the education of children in the family. For reasons of busyness, then the housemaid are become an alternative solution to replace the role of parents while busy to work. So what happens when the character and behavior of children is dominated by their characters rather than parental characters?. The fault is in the parents it self, all matters left to the housemaid. It should not be like that, there are some things that the parents must carry out their roles and responsibilities themselves. The housemaid is need an orientation before she actually works. Although the role was given is very much different, at least they do not feel lonely when the parents are busy to working. With the replacement of parent’s role, most of children have a close relationship with their
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