Parks In Public Health Essay

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Parks are one of the major source of overcoming the anxiety within an individual as when person enters into the park, he enjoys the nature and forgets his/her worries due to which a person keeps cool & calm and analyzes the surrounding developments with the peaceful mind. Parks are the biggest source of relaxation for any age group where one forgets his/ her worries. The daily routine physical activities like jogging, regular walk or other physical exercises may help both male and female in reducing of their weight. A regular physical activity can reduce morbidity and mortality by decreasing cardiac diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, depression/anxiety, hypertension hyper tension and reduction in overweight. It may
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Parks also provide opportunities of common community features for physical activity.

Physical Health Benefits
Parks based free time in improving moods, reducing perceived stress, and enhancing a sense of wellness. Exercise facilities, including parks, that are conveniently located have been found to be associated with vigorous physical activity among both adults and children. Other neighborhood factors that have been positively associated with physical activity such as:-
a. Enjoyable scenery
b. Frequency of seeing others exercise
c. Access and satisfaction with other recreational facilities.
d. Access to well-maintained park facilities
e. Park’s esthetic surroundings
f. Perceived safety.

Psychological Health
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By making healthy talk with others we generate new ideas and also help us in improving our knowledge. By talking to others we sometimes find the solutions of our problem too. Table 1 show the comparison of public parks associated with public facilities. The results showed that 52% of people visiting parks were strongly agreed and 28% were agreed and consider that parks are the great source of talking and interacting with others. 28% strongly agreed while 6% were uncertain and 14% were least interested to talk with

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