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How Partial Dentures Help Achieve Optimum Oral Health Missing teeth can have a big effect on the quality of life of any individual. Not only will the absence of teeth lead to difficulty in chewing and proper nutrition; it will also affect the way you speak and smile. How Teeth Affect the Quality of Life Beautiful teeth and a healthy smile are found highly attractive, both for men and women. People with attractive teeth are seen as more confident in their social lives, more fruitful in their romantic lives and more successful in their careers, most especially those who work in customer-facing scenarios. A study developed by Kelton Research yielded the following results: • A smile makes or breaks the first impression. 29 percent of the…show more content…
Your dentist will recommend partials if you have remaining healthy teeth in the mouth. The partial plate is made up of one or more teeth with clasps that anchor the denture to the adjacent natural teeth in the mouth. Also known as removable prostheses, partial dentures are used on patients whose remaining natural teeth cannot hold a bridge. Materials Used in Partial Dentures There are three types of partial dentures based on the materials used to make them. These are: 1. Acrylic Dentures. These are denture teeth (made of porcelain or acrylic) attached to a base plate made of acrylic. These dentures aim to fit closely and tightly against the gums and natural teeth with the use of metal clasps to grip the surrounding teeth. Acrylic dentures are the cheapest and the easiest to make; they are also easy to put in and take out and are easy to adjust and remake. However, this kind of denture is the least comfortable because it has poor grip and retention and has the tendency to break easily. Having acrylic partial dentures means using more muscle control to keep them in place. Acrylic dentures are best used as a temporary solution and as training dentures before permanent dentures are placed. 2. Cobalt Chrome Dentures. These are dentures that have denture teeth attached to a metal base plate. The grips are made of metal that clasp on surrounding

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