Importance Of Passion In My Life

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To be honest, most of the time in my life I felt so lost since I had no idea what my dream would be, who would I become in the future. But there is one thing that I am sure of, that my determine and inquisitive mind would help me find out my passion and pursue it with my best. My life changed through two big periods of time, which were my years in high school, when I found my life’s goal, and when I acknowledge exactly what I should be during my time in National Economics University.
The time at high school was a one of my most crucial life milestones. I met some of my high school fellas who inspired me to play the guitar. That was when I found my life purpose is to be able to sanely play music without concerning about basic needs. I won awards for some of my performances, and I still occasionally play for some famous singers live on stage. I realized that if I truly desired something, I would give my best to be good at it. Later when it comes to life decision – choosing university and major, I chose to study marketing just because of my father’s advice. I still felt so lost. Despite the passion for playing guitar, it would be impure and when I consider to make a living by it. I perceived playing the guitar as a way to ease my soul, my ultimate goal, money is just the tool to build my path to achieve happiness, not my finishing line.
Yet, my life really changed after a lecture of Marketing Principles. I was first inspired by how intriguing the term “Marketing” was and it was
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