Patient Centered Care Essay

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Patient centered care is an approach of forming a therapeutic relationship between care providers, older people and families, mainly focusing on the values and respect (lenus). Care of which is respectful to an individual’s needs, values, social circumstances, lifestyles and family situations by putting them at the centre of care is a priority. This is a way of thinking and doing things in a way of using health and social services as partners. Meeting the needs of the older person include personalising the care of preference, taking account the physical comfort and safety of the individual and Making sure patient has access to appropriate care when they need it. Involvement of families is important as the centre of decisions, whilst working along side professionals for the best outcome. Health care practitioners most see things from the older person’s perspectives by showing compassion when delivering care to the patient along side emotional support…show more content…
Patient centered care focuses on getting to know the older person as an individual such as their values, Aspirations, health, social needs, preferences and providing care specific to their needs. It enables the older person to make decisions on what kind of options with assistance available, promoting his/her Autonomy and independence. It involves them in such way to be included in shared decisions between healthcare teams and families, so the can be control with a choice of specific care / services. It provides information that is tailored for the individual in order to assist them in decision making based on evidence, helping them to understand their options and consequences of this. Supporting a person on his/her choice and letting them pursue their stated wishes, As a patient centered approach so they are involved as equal partners in their care ( Manley et al,
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