Importance Of Patient Rights In Health Care

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Patients are one of the most vulnerable groups in a society, and they need special attention.10 In the rapidly changing system of health care, many different factors have affected and changed the perception about how health care is practiced today. The rights of patient are also affected. Patient rights have now become the center of attention in practice of medicine.25 A review of the historical course of “patients’ rights” issue reveals its global importance in the arena of health system management.24 Surveying the rate of observance of patients’ rights in medical services provides a suitable guide for health system management to ensure an appropriate relationship between service providers and service recipients.20

Rights originate from respect for individuals in a social context, and “patient’s rights” consists of what are needed and deserved by the pa¬tient.11 The notion of patient rights has been developed on the basis of concept of the person, and the fundamental dignity and equality of all human beings recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.16 The concept behind the term, however, is not new. Historically, the first texts protecting patients’ rights are Hippocratic in origin, imposing on physicians the respect of their patients’ dignity. Although they refer to physicians’ obligations towards patients and not directly to what we call ‘patients’ rights’ today, they constitute a precious source for the protection of these rights.2

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