Maintenance Of Life Essay

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RIGHT TO MAINTENANCE OF WIFE INTRODUCTION India is a nation of many religions and patriarchal society exists in the country. The women have always been under the protective cover of men and have not been able to stand on their own feet. They have always been dependent on their male counterparts for their basic needs. In the patrilineal family system, the wife’s main task has been the management of her husband’s household. The patriarchal society did not consider it to be her function to engage in the earning of wealth. In the modern Hindu society also, most wives are still economically dependent on their husbands. Most systems of law recognize the direct obligation of the husband to maintain his wife so long as marriage subsists and the wife…show more content…
LAW OF MAINTENANCE TO WIFE Maintenance to wife means an obligation on the husband to maintain his wife under certain circumstances. Maintenance can be granted either during the period when marriage is still subsisting or after the dissolution of marriage in order to enable the wife to fulfil the basic needs of the life. The maintenance can be further divided into two parts: a. Interim maintenance and maintenance pendentelite: - This is temporary maintenance that is given to the claimant till the disposal of the petition. Maintenance pendent lite is the amount ordered by the court to be given to the petitioner by the respondent to incur the expenses during the pendency of the suit. b. Permanent maintenance: - It is the amount decided by the court to be given to the petitioner for his or her maintenance and support either as a lump sum amount or on monthly basis. This is a provision in all personal laws but there is some difference among
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