Importance Of Peaceful Assembly

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Regulating use of public places
Under International human rights law of peaceful assembly’s freedom of is a recognized. The right to peacefully assemble is established in article 11 of the European Convention on Human rights States parties may impose certain limitations on the exercise of this right. Article 11 of the European Convention not only protects an individual’s right to peaceful assembly, but also imposes a positive obligation on state authorities to facilitate the exercise of this right and Enable assemblies to take place peacefully. Some restrictions for peaceful assembly that is, Assembly cannot be violated, for time to time law enforcement may control gathering, or other restrictions may also apply. If the Government cannot stop to assemble you, then you must do in a peaceful manner. Law enforcement has a right to break up any gathering that present clear danger. Police can disrupt the Assembly if they think it might get out of hand. If members of Assembly shouting using obscenities, or arguing with or threatening those who oppose them. These rights to protect people’s ability that to come work hard together for common good always. Today the peaceful assembly and rights of its freedom in international law as fundamental freedoms. The right of assemble peacefully is the freedom right to gather privately or publicly and collectively privately promote, pursue, privately and defend common interests. In international law the right of peaceful assembly and its

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