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Orsmond, P., Merry, S., & Reiling, K. (1996). The importance of marking criteria in the use of peer assessment. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 21(3), 239-250. doi:10.1080/0260293960210304
This paper details the results of method, which evaluated both formative and summative assessment. Two assessment criteria were compared; student-peer marking and tutor marking. The comparison indicated that the results of student-peer marking might be misleading as a guide to the validity of peer assessment. Analysis of student feedback forms showed that students not only liked carrying out peer assessment, but also felt the benefits in terms of developing facets of their learning process and heightening their awareness of their work. The author
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It includes chapters that deal with relevant, contemporary aspects of the feedback process including peer feedback, online feedback, learner-centred feedback, feedback formulation, as well as feedback on specific skill areas. The various chapters present a blend of theoretical overviews, action research-based empirical studies, and practical implications. Therefore, the mixture of theoretical considerations, documentations, beliefs, experiences, materials, practices and advice are written with a teacher’s voice. There is sufficient evidence to support the selection of some of the methods of feedback in the treatment in my research, like, using scales in feedback. However, the volume needs to be tempered accordingly because it covers a range of maturities and language modalities outside the scope of my research, and it is not based on Japanese research. The edited book should serve as an important reference in my literature…show more content…
Although the writing level and age of the students is vastly different, this article is valuable for the support of either immediate or delayed corrective feedback. The authors found that, while well-intentioned teacher may tend to provide elaborate forms of corrective feedback, teachers might be better to provide progressively less salient feedback, because it leads to the most desirable results. The main limitation in the article is that it is centred on college students’ English compositions. While this level of writing maturity is beyond the boundary of my research, there are cognitive and behavioural reactions to immediate correction that are shared in my research. The article also serves as an exemplary work on the subject of correction, feedback, and empirical educational research. The authors have drawn from credible sources that are also featured in my subsequent literature review. The exemplary presentation of research methodology, the writing style, data presentation and analysis culminate in making this article worthy of replication and a framework in constructing my research

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