Importance Of Performance Analysis In Sport

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Performance analysis is defined as the process of recording, processing and interpreting events that take place in the training or competitive environment. Performance analysis plays a vital role in the sporting industry, and is continually growing and improving. It is a widely used method of studying technical, tactical and physical aspects of player and team performance in sports such as soccer. Performance analysis as a whole allows key performance indicators (KPI’s) to highlight good or bad techniques within a team’s performance. A performance indicator is described as a selection, or combination, of action variables that aims to define some or all aspects of a performance (Hughes and Bartlett, 2002). It allows the coaches to identify…show more content…
Notational analysis is an objective way of recording performance so that critical events in that performance can be quantified in a consistent and reliable manner. This enables quantitative and qualitative feedback that is accurate and objective. No change in performance will take place without feedback. The role of feedback is central in the performance improvement process, and so is the need for accuracy and precision of such feedback. The future of performance analysis appears to have a positive outlook as this sector has grown substantially over the past 10-15 years. In an interview by Johnny McKinstry, former Sierra Leone football manager, he spoke of the importance of performance analysis in relation to soccer teams and the recruitment of soccer players. He discusses how players are now looking past what sort of character the manager is, but rather the whole support structure – what is there at the club that is going to help them become a better soccer player. In his opinion, soccer players in the future will only be interested in clubs that have and use performance analysis. This improves the future need and growth of performance…show more content…
Therefore, notational analysis is a technique for analysing different aspects of performance through a process which involves producing a permanent record of events. This is similar to a soccer coach’s main tasks (i.e.) to analyse sports performance so that feedback may be given to players and future training sessions planned. Therefore, it seems that notational analysis would be a useful technique for soccer coaches. Franks and Miller (1986) demonstrated that international level soccer coaches could only recollect 30% of incidents that determined successful performance with significantly better recall of set piece play than any other situation. This evidence has been widely used to promote the need for an objective and reliable mechanism for recording sports performance with some form of notational analysis being

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