Importance Of Performance Appraisal: Good Motivator

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Performance Appraisal – Good Motivator

Mr Indrajit Chatterjee

Performance bell curve is one of the most debated practices that organizations are undergoing these days, but there are no discussions on the value of a good performance management process . It is beneficial for organizations in terms of building a high-performance and also highly engaged workforce. Performance Appraisal, can be called as a science, it is the whole life cycle of performance identification, assessment, development and feedback. It is a continuous flow where the ongoing feedback culminates into direct action and eventually leads to an overall performance development of the employee. Performance Management actually promotes transparency, open dialogue, collaboration
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They look for immediate input and real time feedback which enables them to understand how their performance matches expectation and also allows opportunities to adjust performance . Performance Management provides a platform for ongoing and continuous dialogue between the employee and their manager. In high performing organizations, managers are continuously trained to provide employees with open and constructive feedback on their performance. Employees look up to their managers for regular coaching and mentoring to support the feedback and help them develop. Through performance appraisal process the managers are more inclined to give feedback, provide stretch assignments and coach for higher performance. It is round the year check-in on the performance, feedback and coaching conversations and development discussions that motivates the employee to stay focused, work hard, try new things, take a risk, and also learn from mistakes.
It is a culture of coaching that enables the employee to improve performance and helps to bring in shared accountability. The employee is continuously engaged through these coaching conversations and is open to the feedback and takes action on the
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The process when based on the strengths of the person always finds greater acceptance and willingness for positive and honest feedback. At the same time it sets the mental ground well for looking at critical feedback more dis-passionately and can generate willingness and commitment from an employee.
Some important building blocks for an effective Performance Appraisal are:
Creating a Sense of Purpose
• An exciting vision—a vivid picture of what can be accomplished in the long term as well as in the current annual operating plan cycle.
• Connecting the larger picture with employee’s work objectives through a well anchored cascading process.

Bringing in Sense of Choice
• Moving from performance monitoring and controlling mind set to performance development approach.
• While encouraging high performance not stopping risk taking behaviour or opportunity for innovation or simply allowing honest mistakes.
• Building strong data based feedback via by a perceptual assessment.

Sense of Competence:
• Positive feedback and building on strength can still do a real wonder rather than wasting energy on what is difficult to develop.
• Recognition is needed by one and all and managers must not

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