Importance Of Performance Assessment

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QUESTION 1 Performance means the action of doing something. Assessment is a process of collecting data for data the purpose of making decisions about individuals and groups (John Salvia, James E.Ysseldyke, 2001). Performance assessment is known as alternative or authentic assessment. According to M. David Miller, Robert L.Linn, Norman E.Gronlund (2013), alternative assessment highlights the contrast to traditional paper-and-pencil test, while authentic assessment emphasizes the practical application of the tasks in real-world settings. This terms authentic assessment and performance assessment are often used interchangeably, but the two do not mean exactly the same thing (Kenneth D.Moore, 2007). Performance assessment is more to test students to perform a task rather than select the correct answer. Performance assessment is to measure students’ skills based on what they understand from lesson. The measurement must be based on authentic tasks such as activities, exercises or problem solving to show what they can do. Richard J Stiggins (1987) stated that “Performance assessments are valuable tools for measuring communication skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening” (p.34). This assessment is more valid compare to other method of assessment because it’s requires students to demonstrate what they know. Performance assessment is the direct observation. Teacher can observe their students during assessment whether they can perform a task or not. Students are
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