Importance Of Perseverance In My Life

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Perseverance is the determination to push through the trials and tribulations fate has thrown to test strength. Throughout my life I truly believe I was tested through adversities and my triumphs made me perceive the difference I could make not only to my community, but also to the people I have crossed paths with. Hard work also plays a role in my life as a willpower to pursue higher dreams and to not settle for mediocracy. Being born and raised in a third world country, me and my family didn’t always have everything we wanted nor the opportunity to change our circumstances. Nevertheless, we had each other and we were more than content. My mother had me in her early 20’s and had to work overseas to help provide for our family. My early childhood I was raised by my grandfather and cousins in Manila, Philippines. I later moved in with my mom and step father to America at the age of seven. Exposure to the American culture at a young age I was able to adjust to a memorable childhood, nevertheless, I had to work twice as hard as the other children because English was not my first language. At age eight, I had a preview of hard work, but it did not stop there. My freshman year of high school, I was diagnosed with Germinoma brain tumor, a cancer that arises in the pineal or suprasellar regions of the…show more content…
I take every setback as a lesson and determine what my attitude towards life. Am I going to be depressed during the battle and take everyone else down with me, or am I going to be the light that holds everyone up? Perseverance taught me to carry a smile like my nurses and my mom. Nurses were my best friends in the hospital. They encouraged me to keep fighting because they saw the strength in me that I neglected. My biggest accomplishment turned out to be a blessing and a curse because, in the midst of all the pain, I found my calling for helping
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