Importance Of Personal Boundaries

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# Boundaries - Your First Line of Defense Do you want to say NO but you don’t feel able to, or if you do, you feel guilty. Setting personal Boundaries can help you to overcome blocks like this. ---- Imagine for a moment that you are looking through a microscope and you are seeing some tiny cells moving around in a liquid. You can distinguish one cell from another because each one has a very well defined limit: a membrane (the outer skin of the cell). > **For a cell, its membrane is its Boundary.** If the membrane of a cell is punctured, the cell is badly damage or ceases to exist. On a human level, if our Boundaries are badly damage our sense of identity, freedom, needs and wants, are badly affected too. ## Some Signs When Boundaries…show more content…
Close Boundaries leaves you more able to analyze, reflect or even criticize external influences, circumstances or people, without constrain. Close Boundaries facilitate a “down to earth” approach to things and issues, making it ease to handle routines and money, being assertive, objective, assuming responsibilities and being focused. On the other hand close Boundaries can lead you to isolation, lack of social contacts and relationships, less able to be open to new ideas, suggestions, and opportunities. In general, to be less open to have fun and joy in life. Having close Boundaries leads people to exaggerated deep analysis, judgements and scrutiny on what life is presenting and offering you, resulting in a most likely rejection of those. Close Boundaries can protect you from harmful situations and relationships, but it can also deprive you of amazing opportunities. ## Boundaries and Spiritual Development and Awakening As you progress in your spiritual development and awakening process, it is likely for your Boundaries to become more open. Being more open means that you are able to let in and accommodate more people in your heart with less judgement. This will allow more of the “good” to come in but also more of the “not so…show more content…
## Which is Best: Open or Close Boundaries? We saw the consequences of having open and close Boundaries. Both have positive aspects and downsides. So, what would be best? The straightforward answer is both: having flexible Boundaries. Having flexible Boundaries is the best option, as you can adapt your Boundaries to different situations in your life, depending on your needs. Imagine that you are in exploring spiritual Oneness, deep love, mystical states, or Tantric sex with your partner. If you are not able to bring your Boundaries to wide open state, will be very difficult for you to connect on a very profound spiritual level and have an amazing experience, even breakthrough. On the other hand, you will need close Boundaries if you go about planning, organizing, and managing money in a more effective way in your life (even washing the dishes). Other aspects that benefit from close Boundaries are: routines, be respected, accountability, and reliability. ## Flexible Boundaries Please The main problem to change Boundaries into flexible Boundaries is

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