Importance Of Personal Development Plan

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Personal development planning is the process of creating an action plan based on awareness, values, reflection, goal-setting and planning for personal development within the context of a career, education, relationship or for self-improvement. The PDP (personal development plan), also called an IDP (individual development plan) or a PEP (personal enterprise plan), usually includes a statement of one's aspirations, strengths or competencies, education and training, and stages or steps to indicate how the plan is to be realized. Personal development plans may also include a statement of one's career and lifestyle priorities, career positioning, analysis of opportunities and risks, and alternative plans (Plan B),and a curriculum vitae (CV). Introduction…show more content…
It utilizes the concept of reflection to enable one keep track of the steps they have made to acquire skills and knowledge. It enables one to keep track of the changes required in their life and the weak spots requiring improvement. The plan provides a gauge for a person to see their progress, and determine the skills to be achieved in the future. It aids in the achievement of personal and professional development goals. This is because success requires planning and goal setting. The goals set in the plan have to be clear and measurable. Human nature is forgettable, that is why I would like to make my personal development plan. I would like to see myself in next 4 years as a manager in my company where I am working now. My company is a large-scale company and we are doing corporate services such as a payroll, accounts. Document keeping and outsources. There are lots of small scale and medium scale business in the markets who do not have possible to hire there on accounts and payroll works who do there outsource work to give companies like my company who provide above services. Now a days I am working as a admin assistant in my company I would like to see myself as a manager in admin team. I have to do some plans to achieve my…show more content…
That's why I start my study and l am doing my post diploma degree, this is one year plan and after that I will do my MBA degree. Which will very helpful to achieve my goal and other side I have to develop my skills which is such an important for achieve my goal. I will try to analyse myself and I will try to eliminate my weaknesses and threats. In addition, I will strengthen my abilities and I will look forward for my opportunities. This plan is a way to a get perfection in life and accomplish my goals. The aim of this Professional Development Plan is to establish a process of self-management and self-development. To develop myself, it is important to have an idea of my strengths and weaknesses and how can I convert my weaknesses to strengths. It also contains the opportunities that I have in me, I can take advantage of them, and if any change happens in the environment, how can I face this change and get adjustable to these changes. This personal development plan is the key to carry out my goals. It will not only help me to develop myself but also will help me to reach my goals and be successful. .
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