Personal Management Skills

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Do university students need personal management skills? Personal management skills are the ability of individuals to manage their personal life. Most of the people believe that personal management skills can bring benefits to the university students. These skills are important for them so that they can achieve success in their life. Most of the university students are found that they are unable to manage their daily life well in their university life, especially the fresher of university. Should the first year university students be taught about personal management skills or they do not need these skills? In fact, personal management skills which are financial management, time management, and stress management are important for university students.…show more content…
Good time management is a key to success. In university, students have to divide their time for class, study, assignments, and activities. Although the schedules of university students are flexible and they are spending less time in their classes, they are having problems in managing their time. Lecturers are expecting university students to spend more time on their self-study, so they have to do a lot of independent learning. Independent learning enables students to be independent and dedicated to look for more information or discuss with each other. It is important for students to have determination for continuous independent learning and the correct learning strategies to maximize the effectiveness of study (Cooper, 2003). However, most of the students start their studies and learning less than one month before the exam weeks. It is not a correct way of study as students are making a hasty last-minute effort. As a result, they cannot perform well in their examinations. Besides that, university students have a lot of tasks and assignments given by the lecturers and they have to complete on time. Students have many tasks to complete, but at the end they spend too much time to worry about their incomplete works (Jackson, 2009). University students also take part in many activities. Although they can make their own decisions whether to participate in extracurricular activities, most of them have to take part in activities to get more merit marks in order to stay in hostels. When students involve too much in extracurricular activities, they will falling behind in their studies. Some of the students may sacrifice their sleeping time to complete their works or take part in activities. However, they need to have enough sleep and rest so that they are refreshed to attend their classes. Lack of sleep will affect their health too. Therefore, time management is important for university students so
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