Importance Of Personal Values

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Personal value system is a principle that it helps individual to behave and act. Such for instance, if the individual has a love value, the individual would have forgiveness, kindness, protection and more.

To use personal value system to fight back against peer pressure, individuals can choose not to contribute to peer pressure. From this, it can avoid someone else to be more pressure. An individual can express their personal opinions, doing the right things, values or beliefs to define their ethical principles and use those morals or traits to form an opinion against an action that contributes to peer pressure. As for example, parents and teachers are among people that can help children to fight negative influence of peer pressure. Children can easily influence and follow what others teach them. So, by showing them to be kind to others, respects people and more, they can avoid themselves and their surroundings to get peer pressure.

Other than that, doing the right thing is one of the personal value system which can fight back against peer pressure. By doing the right thing, people can influence others to do the same thing as them. Even though not all people might share the interpretation of what the right thing is,

Another personal value that can be use is personal integrity. It means demonstrated through someone 's behaviour by looking at ethics from an external viewpoint rather than an internal viewpoint. Individual can communicate values openly and talk about

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