Importance Of Personality And Business Success

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According to the encyclopedia of psychology, “Personality refers to individual differences in patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. The study of personality focuses on individual differences in particular personality characteristics and how the parts of a person come together as a whole.” Personality and business success are interrelated with each other. Personality plays an important role in each and every aspects of human life. Similarly, it does in the success of the business too. Personality acts as a building block for the business success. An individual’s personality is his strength not a weakness. Rather, it makes him unique and interesting. Similarly, for being a successful entrepreneur hard work and persistence are two main things. According to Richard Branson, “If you want to be an entrepreneur, you should always build on your strengths and pursue ideas that interest you.” There are many important traits of business success. Some of them are as follows: 1. Passion 2. Vision 3. Flexibility 4. Self-belief 5. Tenacity, etc. All the above aspects are related with the personality of an individual. Similarly, in any organization, every person requires different skills and attitude, which are directly related to personality. Organizations are recognizing more and more the importance of personality when looking for candidates to fill job openings. They carry out various processes to select the best one from all the other candidates. Personality traits play a

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