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Instruments of a Philharmonic orchestra, their position and how this contributes and or hinders the overall acoustics sound of the score. I chose this topic because I have heard the philharmonic orchestra many times before at ballets over the years. Even though I had heard them I never knew what the orchestra was composed of and how they made an impact on the mood or atmosphere of the room. It also made me curious about how the way that the different instruments worked so well together and how they managed to make the sound so loud. I felt this would be a good topic to investigate because it is something I do not know about and something that interests me. Even though I am not a musician but the orchestra and music that is produced is…show more content…
The double base plays in the orchestra as well as in concert bands. The bass can be used in many different genres of music such as rock and roll. A person whom plays this instrument is called a bassist or bass player - The Harp is one of the oldest stringed instrument. The range of the instrument is determined by the number of strings. Percussion Instruments - Xylophone is a set of wooden bats which is struck with sticks or padded mallets. The word xylophone originated from the Greek words ‘xylon’ and ‘phonē’ which means ‘wood’ and ‘sound’. - Glockenspiel is an instrument which is made up of a set of tuned keys in the fashion of the keyboard of a piano. The glockenspiel is smaller and higher in pitch. - The tambourine is an instrument which consists of a wooden or plastic frame with pairs of metal jingles called zils. The name tambourine stands for an instrument with a drumhead even though it does not have no head. They are used with regular percussion sets. - Cymbals are made up of a thin, rounded plate of various alloys. They are used mainly in orchestras, percussion ensembles, jazz and heavy metal bands as well as marching

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