Phone Rights Should Be Allowed

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Do you think it is right for people to take away your personal belongings??? To me one of my personal belongings is my phone. Phone rights are very important to me and other people. There are multiple reasons why there are actually phone rights and that no matter the place phone rights should always be enforced. You always should respect someone’s right and their personal belongings. A reason that phone rights should be respected by everyone is that it is their personal object, you didn’t buy the phone or have any rights to the phone!. I believe that taking a person’s personal belonging could be considered as disrespectful in a huge way to some people. You should never take someone’s things without their permission. Every parent teaches you…show more content…
Is it a distraction or is the phone a sign of disrespect? This could be the case but only if you make it the case. If the phone is just sitting there, then how can it possibly be a distraction. The only way it can be a distraction is if you make it be a distraction by going on it or messing with it to,obviously making it a distraction. Phone rights is much needed especially in school!!!! Teachers really need to be respectful about the students rights. They shouldn’t be able to just take a students phone just because they see it!! It can’t possibly be a distraction, if no one was on it. To me I believe that a specific teacher is just trying to find different ways to try and take our phones. It was said that if the teacher took our phones and there was damage to our phone in his possession the teacher would not pay for the damages. To me I certainly do not think it is right especially if the teacher took the phone for a “DISTRACTION.” Teachers have no right to take anything from a student. They certainly did not buy the belongings. In conclusion, no matter the age of a student they should still have a right to their things. Phone rights should really be more executed in more area like schools for example. It is disrespectful for someone to take someone else’s belongings without their permission. It is also a very dangerous thing to do because if something were to happen to the phone while in their possession they would be the
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