Importance Of Phones In Class

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Phones in Class: are They Blessings or Burdens?

Even though that phones can sometimes be distractions phones should be in class. Phones could help with online research and children could communicate with friends and family if in need of any assistance with medical reasons or they need a ride from their parents or Guardian’s. Students could also listen too music in order to calm down or focus on any task at hand. Music is one big reason phones should be in school the help with a lot, Usually music has calmed many students down and soothed them from music. And that’s why phones are one of the most helpful tools in a school classroom.
Phones help in class and sometimes can be a huge deal about learning should be in class to help students that are having trouble with a paper that needs research and they cant find much or they need help with it. They could use their phones too research things that you won 't find in a book. They also could watch videos that are school appropriate or look at school websites in order to find the facts they need. Or in order to get writing assignments it is probably more recommended for the use of a laptop or a phone to search up the needed resources to piece together to write a essay. Phones can be a blessing or a burden a phone can simply help students throughout class time with research educational videos that could help as an resource for an essay or Math, Science, Geography worksheets the can also cause kids to text during class or they could
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