Importance Of Physical Activities In Schools

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Exercise in schools Physical education began to grow in the late 1950s. Teachers, then, recognized that physical activities are essential to the growth and development of children and youth. Regular physical activities have proven to have a positive effect not only on the physical well-being of the children, but also on their mental and social development. The classroom has always been seen as one of the major factors of the students’ development. However, this factor cannot be optimized unless our children realize their educational, emotional, and physical potentials. According to some researches, the daily physical activities can bring an improvement in the child’s concentration abilities. They can strengthen the child’s memory and generate a better mood. Also, if the physical activities are taken up regularly, the child will have a better sleeping quality and better school achievements. Hence, his test scores in math, reading, and writing will undoubtedly rise. According to the Canadian government, twenty minutes of physical activity has to be provided every day. Not only to improve the students’ achievements, but also to create healthy schools. Such schools have to be more conductive to learning. To reach this goal, the government has gone very far in the process of imposing special plans and asking school boards to remove junk food from vending machines in elementary schools. It has deposited contributing funds to help
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