Importance Of Physical Education Essay

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Nowadays, in our world wide element’s field of sport activities is a compulsory and needed in our life mainly for the teenager and students in every school or institutions as it such a very important aspect that helping towards the growth of the self confident and benefits in covering our specifics of mental, social, physical, emotional, physical , mental, spirits, level of attraction in anything new and creativity also moral development. What we can call it is co-curricular or physical education have too many benefits and positive effects. The interesting fact that you need to know is in the country of Australia, physical education courses were first made an important that mainly part of the curriculum in both of government primary and secondary schools since year 1981.…show more content…
It also needed as much because by findings a complete teenager or person physical and mental is too hard, so this way just not only for promoting extracurricular activities to improve students’ knowledge, but it is for everyone respond on students. From the research that were made by correspondences from Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, students with more involvement with the physical education courses have shown a decrease of result in manner and behavioral issues, there also many positive effect that were shown on many student’s academic achievement. These were happened because when the behavioral issues decrease, the disciplinary issues also will decrease and as we know that a good discipline level can lead to a better way of academic and will gain them to a benefit learning
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