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Pi Day is celebrated in today 's Google Doodle
There’s a good reason why today’s Google Doodle may make you a bit hungry.
Today marks Pi Day, a lighthearted celebration of the mathematical constant of pi. To commemorate the day, Google has featured a doodle of a pie and other tasty treats baked by celebrated pastry chef Dominique Ansel, known worldwide as the creator of the Cronut.
But just what is Pi Day? Why is it celebrated today? Here’s all you need to know about what it is, when it is, who invented it, the activities associated with it, what pi is and who Dominique Ansel is.
What is Pi Day?
Pi Day is an annual holiday that recognizes the mathematical constant pi.
The event is often celebrated in schools with various activities, most of which
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Shaw retired in 2005 and passed away on August 19, 2017 at age 78. His contributions to science, mathematics and education are still deeply felt in the United States and across the world.
Pi Day Activities
Many activities are used to celebrate Pi Day, including pie making and pie eating contests as well as pie throwing. Recitation contests of pi’s digits are common too.
Albert Einstein, appropriately born on March 14, is also frequently the subject of Pi Day commemorations. The first Pi Day celebrations held at the Exploratorium by Larry Shaw included singing happy birthday for Einstein while Princeton, New Jersey, where Einstein lived and worked for more than 20 years at the Institute for Advanced Study, holds a look-alike contest to celebrate the iconic physicist every year.
What is Pi?
Pi is a mathematical constant, that is, a unique number that represents something noteworthy in the field of math. Specifically, pi represents the ratio between a circle’s diameter and its circumference and approximately equals 3.14159, though the exact number goes about 22 trillion digits

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