Importance Of Planning In Construction

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Planning in different aspects are clearly identified with the aim of achieving goals. In terms of construction, planning plays an important role before starting the project in order to complete it on time successfully (Faniran et al., 1999). Planning and management of different aspects according to the plans are two important things in the construction sector. The construction industry is regarded as one of the important sector in the manufacturing sector which determines the economic condition of a country. Construction is not only the physical activities involved with building physical things but covers the whole aspect of cover from conception to the realization of the project. Therefore, it comprises of physical activities
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Several benefits are obtained through the use of planning process in the construction sector. It helps in the cost minimization through the optimum utilization of the resources available in the planning of the project (Ellingerová, 2011). With choice over technology, estimation of resources and scheduling of time helps in the reduction of costs. There are also several risks that are reduced by the use of planning on the construction. With effective planning, irrational approaches are minimized along with duplication of works and conflict between the departments. As tasks to perform are already designed while planning, it helps to increase innovation and creativity among the construction project managers. Innovation and creativity result in good and effective outcome. Planning is also a base and support or the project as the accomplishment of it is dependent upon the effective planning and its implementation. In addition, planning also helps in predicting the issues which might come while implementing the project and provide solutions to them or avoid them before the execution plan begins.
Regarding the benefit of planning, all the stakeholders involved in construction are benefitted. As the project will be completed on time and within budget, investors, shareholders and contractors will benefit from saving time and saving money. In terms of human resources, they
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However, in the planning of long-term projects the execution of the project isn’t successful. Similarly, complex projects also require intense planning process where intensive research is to be conducted for finding solutions to the research projects. Also, effective planning needs to be developed focusing on saving time, allocating resources and implications of the cash flows. In the present context, planning in construction has been recognized as an effective model for techniques, models, designs etc. making it popular among contractors and stakeholders involved in the construction
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