Importance Of Planning In Toyota

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The planning function of management controls all the planning that allows the organization to run easily. Typically, planning includes flexibility, as the planner must interact with all levels of management and leadership in the company. Planning also involves familiarity, meaning knowledge, with the company’s resources and the future objectives of the business. All the other functions depend on planning. In short, planning is getting ready for tomorrow, today. It is the activity that allows managers to determine what they want and how they will achieve it. Before a manager can tackle any of the other functions, he or she must first devise a plan. A plan is a blueprint for goal achievement that specifies the necessary resource allocations,…show more content…
Goals are important because an organization exists for a purpose, and goals define and state that purpose. Goals specify future ends; plans specify today 's means. The management team of Toyota has set the goals of increasing its market share and be the number one automobile company in the market share. It is important for Toyota that its goals remains specific, precise and realistic as faulty decision about the goal can mislead the company. Therefore, the specific goal will provide direction and a unity of purpose for Toyota. After setting its specific goal, the company has to start the planning of how to effectively reach its goal. To do so, they must necessarily prepare plans that will strengthen the focus on the organization’s strategic schedule, providing complete direction for important decisions, recognising and allocating specific resources systematically. Division level and organizational unit level planning should be tied directly to the organisation’s strategic…show more content…
To get the strategy implemented, Toyota’s management team have to understand what the strategy is, how it affects them and then use their skills and expertise to help get the strategy implemented. 3.1.1 The first step that is going to lead the company to more market share and upgrade is the market research. Hence, because the product is new, every company has the duty to conduct a research that will give ideas about what prospective customers think of the product and its impact on society. Consequently, the management team will have to keep refreshing and reminding the audience to build product awareness and to encourage future trial and purchase. They will also have to build the product’s momentum before its launch through multiple channels like journalists, advertising, pamphlets, etc.

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