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Your wedding day is surely going to be one of the most significant days of your life. It's going to be a time you can look back to, years from now, and recall the moments you've shared with the person you love, your family and your closest friends.

Planning your own wedding can be one ultimate exercise for stress and budget management so make sure to keep your head and body cool. Don’t worry and just keep these steps in mind for a stress-free and budget-saving planning:

1. Set a budget

Weddings are way more expensive than you think they are so to avoid empty wallets, make sure to have a check on how much you’re willing to spend. Look around and scour the internet to know estimates so that you’ll get an idea on how much you have to set aside.
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Book as many services with single vendors

For example, if your wedding planner offers lighting, invitations, or rental services, book them together and get a greater chance of a discount.

If you were to hire professionals in wedding video production in Brisbane, you can also ask them to turn your ceremony footage to a personal wedding film that you can enjoy watching with friends and family after.

7. Personalise your wedding

After attending so many weddings, maybe you’d start thinking that it has and always will be the same old, same old just with different couples and colours. Well, rise above the rest and be unique. Take a personal pick on wedding decorations or theme.

8. Be ready

Even after all that months of planning, don’t expect everything to go as smooth as how you envision it. Always leave a space for improvement, or always have a back-up plan in case the worst comes to the worst.

9. Enjoy

It’s your wedding day so definitely do not forget to enjoy and savour the moment. You only get this once in a lifetime so make it a memorable one. Remember that this is the gateway to you and your partner’s life together so make sure to remember every moment of it. Bask in the intimacy and special feeling you shared with your partner that day and remember it for a life

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