Importance Of Plant Breeding And Genetics

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One the great success of human beings is that they have domesticated the plants. It helped in building of the society in which we are living today. Even nowadays we are dependent on the plants that were domesticated by the pre historic men. Now we have improved those plants according to our needs and requirements with the help of plant breeding and genetics. As the population of the whole world is increasing day by day, we need more and more food to feed the increasing population. Nowadays genetically modified plants are in trend. In the past, people used the method of selection to improve the quality and quantity of primitive food crops. Now we have different molecular techniques that aid the process of improvement of food crops. The plant breeding and genetics had gone through different upgrades to become the modern plant breeding and genetics. Different scientists and researchers boosted up the discipline of plant breeding and genetics by giving different theories, concepts and models and…show more content…
He contributed the essential principle to the science of inheritance which is now widely used. His work described that how characters are inherited by offspring from parents and so onto next to next generations. His basic work was on pea which was published in 1865. His work was reworked by Tschermak, C. Correns, and H. de Vries. These proceedings placed down the basic principles of genetics that gave rise to the modern genetics and still these principles are the fundamental part of modern genetics. The idea of genes also came to be known by the findings of Mendel and the subject of genetics that is nowadays very widely used. Genes were considered as those factors that carry code for the specific characters and are responsible for the transmission of those characters to next generation and so on next to next. His findings lay down the fundamental principles of genetics which are commonly known as “Laws of
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