Importance Of Plant Classification

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Plant classification is a system of dividing plants into groups and categories according to characteristics. The system of plant classification is essential to reduce complications or confusions in determining a plant’s identity, as the use of common names can be highly inaccurate. The binomial system which we use today has developed from the Linnean system, which is considered the international language for naming plants. The latinized name is comprised of two sections, the generic term and the specific epithet which forms a binomial named the species. The reason for using a binomial nomenclature is to bring about some degree of order to the procedure of naming plants (compared to common or descriptive names) by allocating a universal name throughout the world to a given plant. The components of this amazing plant classification system are explained below. Plant families are a grouping of genera or single genus that resemble each other very closely or consistently in common appearance and technical characters. Characteristics shared in flowers, fruit and other organs, are grouped together into various plant families. Family names usually end in ‘aceae’ or ‘ae.’ The dominance of a plant within the family often is used in choosing a name for the…show more content…
When hybrids are described, they are indicated by a multiplication sign. There are two types of true hybrids, namely interspecific hybrids and intergeneric hybrids. Interspecific hybrids are the more common of the two types and result from cross-breeding between two species within the same genus. The new plant resulting from this cross is usually given a name similar to the species name, but following a multiplication sign. One good example of interspecific hybridization is modern hybrid roses. Because so much sexual cross-breeding has occurred in these sorts of hybrids, they are given simple, individual

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