Importance Of Plants Essay

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Plants are a major necessity in the balance of nature, people’s lives, and our terrain. We may not realize it, but plants are the ultimate source of food for almost 95% of the world population so says the National Group of Food. It’s a fact that over 7,000 species of plants are being consumed today.
Plants are one of the reasons that we get clean water; as they help regulate the water cycle. They also help water move from the soil to the atmosphere through a process called transpiration.
Plants not only supply us with food, but with other provisions such as wood products, fibers, oils, resins, coal, and petroleum. They also provide us with raw material needed to make shelter, clothing, medicines, and fuels. It’s also a fact that one quarter of the medicines we use are derived from plants; and that 4 out of 5 people in this world rely on plants for primary health care.
Importance of Plants
Plants are everywhere. They can be found on educational campuses, institutes, roadsides, hospitals, gardens and offices. If you think of it practically, then plants are the real reason why there are life forms on this planet. Plants provide us with clean air, fresh water, healthy food, and a number of things. Plants are a major factor in all phases of a living bygones life; be it small or big, young or old, or living on land or it water.
Plants are quite important to all but humans are most dependent on them. Below are a couple of ways by which we rely on plants to survive:
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