We Judge Before We Think Essay

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Alondra Villegas We Judge Before We Think Be honest what do you think when you see a Kardashian or hear the name Kardashian? Automatically most people think the words “plastic surgery” and “fake”, but why do we judge everyone that gets plastic surgery when we do not know the reason behind it. People with plastic surgery should not be judged by society because it boosts self esteem, it represents our freedom of choice, it is safer than it used to be some years ago and it is very helpful for people with serious health conditions. The main most popular reason why people get plastic surgery done is because they are not happy with a certain look. They want to change something in their appearance and once it is done they become happy with who they are. So why do we judge people for a choice that makes them feel better about themselves? In the article, “ Plastic Surgery Helps Self-Esteem,” by Rick Nauer PhD he says that a doctor conducted a study with women from the age of 21 to 57 years to see the effects a breast augmentation would have on their self esteem. The results showed that huge…show more content…
No one forces them and they have obviously gone over everything they would need to know. In an article, “ We Need To Shut Up About Plastic Surgery,” by The Daily Beast they explain how society bring women down for a choice that they already made. They say, “ when we look down on those who opt to have cosmetic surgery, it’s yet another example on how societies try to control the behavior of women but by condemning them for making what should be a personal choice.” The author of the article said that her choice to get breast implants was full of fear but not because of the procedure just because of what people would say (social criticism.) It is the person 's right to choose if they want plastic surgery or not and not our right to be quick to judge without even knowing the reasons for their
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