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Importance of play.
Play is the most important way that young children learn. Through play, children learn about the social, physical, emotional, and cognitive worlds around them. As they play with adults, they learn new vocabulary, understand culturally determined rules and roles such as how to treat one another, and build important emotional connections. When they play with their peers, they learn that others have perspectives, rights, and feelings that may conflict with their own. Playing with others is how children learn reciprocity and mutual respect, essential traits humans need to coexist in a peaceful world.
Play in the theorists’ view. Here are few definitions of play by different theorists.
1-Maria Montessori An Italian educationist during the early 1900s, postulated that "play is the child 's work." According to the Montessori method, which is still employed today in private schools, children would be best served spending their play time learning or imagining. Montessori play is sensory, using a hands on approach to everyday tools like sand tables. The child sets her own pace, and the teacher is collaborative in helping the child play to learn. 2-Sigmund Freud
Play as Therapy In 1920’s Sigmund Freud posed a psychoanalytic play theory that was defined in his book "Beyond the Pleasure Principle." In this work, Freud described play as a child 's mechanism for repeatedly working out a previously experienced

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