Importance Of Play In Children's Development

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Play is a cherished part of childhood which may contribute towards many benefits in children’s lives. Therefore, play is necessary in children’s development, they grow by playing with or without purpose. Play gives children fun, joy, amusement and motivation to encourage them to continue playing. In addition, through play children develops their social, cognitive, physical and emotional skills. (Galiguzova, 1995) stated that children’s play is filled with repetitions and imaginations based on what the children have seen, heard and experienced. Play is a way for children to explore their surrounding world with creativity and fantasy. However, Anderson, Huston. Schmitt, Linegarger and Wrigest (2001) described that “Young children’s creativity maybe displayed most obviously in imaginative play, where children generate roles, characters and objects”. Children need the hands on approach to their world with enough sense of human touch. Children use materials or objects for their pretend play. Through play, children imitate and repeat what they have seen, heard and experienced. They connect together what they have learned and experienced and create some new ideas or games. Thus, a good environment for play with materials or objects and time can give the children more experience to develop their creativity. Inciting the 1989 assumption by General Assembly of The United Nations of the Convention on Children’s Rights, (Morris, 1990) stated that “Play is an educational process of
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