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DEAR PARENTS; Most of people think that play is just an activity for the children to spend their free time. This is absolutely wrong because play is a learning style of the life , not a waste of time (Güneş, 2011). According to Claparede , even in the first year of life everything is accepted as play apart from nutrition and feeling expression. (Yavuzer,2015). That is to say, every acts of children are filled with various meanings. I mean that as far as, play have an important value in children 's development , It is also important for parents to understand their child and to be able to communicate with him or her. In this paper, ı am going to talk about these issues in detail. Play has an active role in the early childhood education program. It is accepted as a vital item in the child centered preschools. (Santrock,2011) Also, this is the same win the learning of daily life skills which are mostly learned from parents. As their attention period is limited with 5 or 6 minutes, learning can only get rid of being a boring thing with play. The other important point in the learning processes is that the questions
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Play was defined as an important context to improve language and communication abilities.(Coplan& Arbeau,2009). Within this framework, Mothers and fathers should promote children for more speaking while they are playing. For example, children can try to make different creatures ' voices. It will be joyful and efficient time both for the parents and child. In addition to this, the conversations between children about rules of game and other things in the game will be beneficial for the skills of reading-writing(Coplan & Arbeau, 2009) . In other words, more interaction will bring more developed skills for children 's future life. Because of this, you should let the child to be able to knit up with the environment and

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