Importance Of Polite Speech

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Commonly when approaching a peer, teacher, or a stranger, the first phrase to be said is often a form of polite speech. Polite speech can be categorized by the use of phrases that show regards for others. With some people backing the sense that what is said is portrayed as literal speech, most of it is said for the sake of sounding welcoming and responsible. Having polite speech implemented into people’s day to day lives serves the function of creating a well developed impression of a person.
In school environments, it is crucial for students to establish meaningful relationships with various teachers. When teachers talk one on one with their students it is critical to ensure that the students feel accepted and understood. One method to ensure those feelings is through enacting in polite speech. One who is rude and standoffish would give the students less of a reason to build trust and to ensure comfort, therefore teachers often partake in polite speech to build these relations. Once that relation is formed, the student can easily go to speak to his or her teachers for extra help if needed. Due to the impression the teacher has left on the student, the student would feel positively reinforced every time he or she approached the teacher. This would encourage the student to continue asking for help all thanks to the fact that the teacher applies polite speech in his or her language. This would come in handy, especially when the student would need a recommendation letter for
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