Importance Of Politeness In Society

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In today’s society, there is a standard where people are expected to be respectful to new people one meets or even those who we already know. The usage of courteous speech in your everyday life impacts many elements in one’s life and society. Maintaining proper etiquette and speaking properly to a person without offending him or her, demonstrates politeness. Polite speech is key to successful communication inside and outside a formal setting, first impressions, and a positive environment. For several people, including experts and well-educated individuals, who have conducted studies and proven the importance of politeness consider the value and function of polite speech an important aspect in our community and society. We develop various means of communication as we grow and get introduced into our society and community. “The findings are consistent with both P. Brown and Levinson 's (1987) theory of politeness, which demonstrate how politeness is conveyed differently depending on the language and the variety of…show more content…
“Social psychologists determined that 30 seconds is how long it takes for someone meeting you for the first time to form a list of determinations about your character and abilities based almost entirely on what they see – your clothes, hairstyle, smile, how you carry yourself, and the rest of your nonverbal communications,” (“How to Make the First Impression Count”). Polite speech is usually used during first impressions when one is meeting someone because one wants to seem polite, “perfect,” and sophisticated. If one doesn’t use formal language, then he or she doesn’t seem as if they have been correctly educated. This may also allow someone to be seen as rude and uncourteous to other people. First impressions are crucial, they create an image we want people to remember of us when one meets new

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