Political Culture Essay

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In a developing political system like Bangladesh the study of political culture bears much importance. Because substantially it is political culture which determines political structure and brings expected changes and make stable the political situation. But political culture is a wide spread and comprehensive issue. Apart from dissimilarities of culture between rural and urban people is prevailed. As the study focused the democratic culture of rural people of Bangladesh. So the pattern of democratic culture was to be summarized. In Bangladesh there are enormous political parties and their subordinate units. In contrast, there are various social, cultural and civil organizations (Zahur, A.B.M.S. 2010: 10). The people of urban and outskirt and few rural people are associated with…show more content…
But the ruling party always may govern in rigid way; they may forget their election manifesto. In this regard the opposition recalls them their substantial duties and commitments (Khan, Shamsul I and Islam S Aminul, 2008: 60-68). The component of democratic culture is political participation. Political participation does not merely refer the voting, to help government, to criticize government’s policies and to guide government in right way is also included in political participation. But such type of practice is absent in our country. Even the political parties don’t attend in parliamentary session properly. In 9th parliament prime minister and opposition chief were absent respectively 84 and 410 days (TIB report on Prothom Alo, 13, 03, 2014). The parliament is not always democratic. Even our constitution paves hinder undemocratic process in the parliament. In accordance to constitutional article 70, a member will be disqualified for subsequent election if he/she regime from the party or vote in parliament against the party. The candidate selection for national parliamentary election is not held in democratic and transparent
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