Importance Of Political Science Essay

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Political science is commonly defined as the systematic study and analysis of political and governmental institutions and processes. But political science has also an effect in real life here are some and it also answers the question on why do people study Political Science. First is in 1988 U.S. voters elected Republican George Bush as the president but increased the already substantial majorities of Democrats in both houses of Congress. Second, is when the disintegration of the Soviet Union after Mikhail Gorbachev’s massive effort in reforming its political system and economics through what we call perestroika (new thinking) and glasnost (openness). And the last one is about the struggles of the late President George Bush and the Congress in finding ways of balancing the budget without increasing the taxes. Knowing the roots of a certain subject matter would help us appreciate and further nurture it. For this reason, it is very important to know the history and evolution of political science to have a fuller and deeper understanding of its significance. The world politics came from the Greek word polis, which means “city-state”. Politics is inevitable, it is all around us it structures our lives and defines the range of our options and choices. The theoretical and practical study of…show more content…
Political Science escalates the political awareness of an individual and makes him politically aware of his duties, rights and freedom. For the part of the government it reminds the government of its duty and responsibility towards its constituents. Political and socially aware citizens can make the government accountable and can significantly contribute towards the establishment equality and social justice. Political Science creates conducive condition for the success of democracy by laying emphasis on economic and social democracy. The two main pillars of democracy are conscious citizens and a responsible government. Having these conditions makes Political Science have a vital
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