Importance Of Polysemy In Advertising

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Polysemy according to Hackley is the potential for a word (social text) to have many possible meanings such as an advertisement. Another author noted that “Polysemy, the phenomenon whereby a linguistic unit exhibits multiple distinct yet related meanings is a very common feature of any language. In fact, almost all the words in language are polysemous to a greater or lesser extent” Éva Kovács. Condit 1989 said that polysemy occurs when people will get the same basic understanding of the same message. As consumers we may interpret ads in very different ways, depending where we come from (culture) or how we have been brought up, our way of thinking and viewing something may be different from others thus all advertisements will be open to different interpretation. So according to Hackley, polysemy is important for advertising agencies in promotional communications as they can draw consumers in, to have a deeper engagement with the advert when they try to understand and build a meaning to a particular advert. So the advert has to be interesting and catch the attention of the consumer, for instance acording to Hackley it should raise questions like, ‘is the ad talking me?’ in the mind of a consumer. Calvin klein said that “people read things into my commercial that didn’t even exist” as a result of different interpretation. So polysemy may be use in by advertisement agencies as a strategy to increase awareness, sales and eventually profits for a firm. So one of its importance

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