Importance Of Positive Learning Environment

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An effective classroom environment should be a positive environment, enabling the advancement of learning. There are many aspects which contribute to this positive learning environment. These include characteristics such as, good teaching materials as well as technology, which further enriches the learning process. Another aspect which must also be considered is good classroom management (University of Nebraska-Lincoln , n.d.).
Classroom management is closely influenced by teacher effectiveness. It has an important role as it has a direct influence on student achievement. According to recent studies, teacher effectiveness can have a profound influence on the measured outcome of student achievement, when compared to student achievement is measured by the value of less effective teachers. From studies we can learn, not just the importance of this teacher effectiveness, but also how classroom management can contribute to a positive learning environment. From these findings of the contributor of a positive environment we can endorse the idea of an effective teacher. (Marzano, Marzano, & Pickering, 2003).
When we consider classroom management we often think of discipline in the classroom. This is certainly part of good classroom management, an overly noisy classroom will certainly hinder the educational process. However, discipline is just one aspect of classroom management. What must first be understood is that classroom management occurs before any teaching takes place.
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