Importance Of Positive Psychology

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In the field of psychology positive psychology is the new branch which deals with human happiness and have been the new focused area that search what is positive, creative, and fulfilling in human behavior. It is also recognized as one of the scientific study of what people do right. The areas like emotions, strengths, virtues, meaning, experiences, and purpose is inspected by positive psychology. positive psychology is best originally understood by applying it to oneself and it never denied the negative aspects of life.
The major purpose of the invention of positive psychology is that to relate yourself with you by experiencing your own understanding and improvement of wellbeing and to implement positive psychology in the world around you and also improving its implication in your personal, professional, social fields of life.
The positive psychology has been divided into three areas of human existence: (1) the subjective level, (2) the individual level; and (3) the group or societal level
1.The positive emotions, thoughts and their effects was noted by positive subjective level. every people have ups and downs in their mental states, regardless of their more stable personality traits. These normal changes, occur from hour to hour and vary from circumstance to circumstance. They can be brief, perhaps lasting only a few moments. An example of this is recalling a happy memory for a few seconds, or the wonderful feelings of a

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