Importance Of Positive Reinforcement

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Positive Reinforcement

Reinforcement is a motivation which depends upon a performance and increases the chance of a performance being frequent. Positive reinforcement can increase the chance of not only necessary behavior but also unwanted behavior. For example, if a student complaints in order to get attention and is successful in getting it, the attention helps as positive reinforcement which increases the possibility that the student will remain to complain. Positive reinforcement is one of the important ideas in behavior inquiry and it is something like rewards, or things usually work to get (Fahimafridi, 2016).

Positive reinforcement may happen in the form of behavior compliment, personalized reward systems, edibles or positive adult attention (Lalli, et al., 1999). Defining the exact appearances and components of positive reinforcement for a student needs knowledge of student likings and attitudes. The most common way to determine student likings for positive reinforcement can be through a structured interview of student likes and dislikes.

According to Alberto and Troutman (2012), positive reinforcement happens when the importance of a definite behavior increases the behavior across time. Many people connect the terms positive reinforcement and praise.

Positive reinforcement is any moment to an activity that builds chance that activity will happen once more. Such occasions are called Positive Reinforcements. In case there are numerous reinforces that works for

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