Importance Of Positive Thinking Essay

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INTRODUCTION Hook In life, people always continue struggling to obtain what they want, and they always crave for a successful life. In general, success is defined to be the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose, and each of us has our own aims or purposes to reach. Background information For instance, a lot of sport athletes wish to be showered with a lot of trophies and glory. Some people dream to be a successful and famous public speaker. Others want to be a millionaire or a billionaire. Singers as well as actors wish to be successful in their career and become famous. Teachers may hope to succeed in imparting knowledge to their students. Many students simply would like to pass examinations or have good grades in school. Notwithstanding…show more content…
Support: We should bear in mind that a positive attitude can make our life more hopeful. Example: First and foremost, a positive attitude forces us to carry on our tasks. Each of us may have some problems or failures in our tasks, yet maintaining a positive thinking will help us to not only say no with ‘surrender’ but also improve our patience. In addition, a positive thinking can help us very much with staying away from anxiety as well as negative thinking, and it also builds up our confidence. Furthermore, Remez Sasson on his website states about ‘the power of positive thinking’ that “Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results.” Support: When we make some mistakes or we are in trouble, it is very essential that we feel optimistic. Example: It can be said that failure is the mother of success. We can learn some lessons by making mistakes. Moreover, making mistakes can help us find our weaknesses, and then we will give it our best shot to fix them. In order not to feel frustrated when making mistakes, we should learn to keep our mind optimistic. We should bear in mind that never flinching from difficulties is one of significant lessons in maintaining a positive

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