Importance Of Pragmalinguistics

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CHAPTER I Background and Purpose of the Study The study of language use and its meaning to speakers and listeners can be observed in terms of pragmalinguistics which focus on relation between pragmatics, and linguistics .As Bachman (1990) believed, pragmatic competence is vitally important in facilitating interpersonal communication, hence lack of adequate knowledge in pragmatics can threaten comprehension among interlocutors. Politeness feature, is one of the most significant aspects of language, and as Leech (2014) mentioned, “It is a social phenomenon which is manifested through the use of language or pragmalinguistics” (p.1). Leech (2014) believed being polite is a universally acceptable concept in the world, but interpretation…show more content…
In this regard, expository teaching method, has been considered by many teachers. The method is aimed at helping learners acquire some basic skills. It is completely straightforward, and carries a step by step procedure. The instruction is taught through deduction, demonstration, direct modeling, and text presentation. The teaching process starts with abstract rules, generalization, and ends with examples and details. In expository teaching, EFL learners’ conscious awareness is raised and they are involved in an active process to find out the structure of the exposed information, therefore teaching process is controlled by teachers. Learners are aware of the process, and are able to express the knowledge due to the teachers’ control and presentations. Teaching through text explicitly is considered to be a beneficial method in English teaching. As Cappiello & Dawes (2017) mentioned “Text can play several roles. In this aspect, they served as scaffolds, immersion, and extension” (p.120). Scaffold texts arouse curiosity and motivation in learners. Since scaffolds are shorter, learners find them much easier to get the gist, so they learn more about the content. In result scaffolds present the content of the lesson. In contrast to scaffolds, immersion texts are longer, therefore more time and elaboration from learners would be necessary to access and comprehend the text. Learners are expected to go through the text independently, and finally extension texts spread learners’ learning and comprehending through studying process, moreover it is based on prior knowledge and information presentation for the reason that text difficulty should be regarded to achieve learning goals. In relation to the mentioned teaching method, the politeness strategies in applying complaining speech act can be taught through a number of lexigrammatical devices through text presentation to

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