Importance Of Pragmatics In Learning English

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Importance of Giving Attention to Pragmatics in Learning English Nowadays, some people have wrongly perceived the importance of pragmatics in learning English. They always mistook it as not important as it occurs in all languages. In contrary, they do not realise actually different language has different context in using their speech acts. Besides, some people also say that pragmatics does not need to be given attention in learning English. These opinions and views are very contradicts from my thinking. Language is among the most difficult set of skills a person could ever struggle to learn. It is important for the students to know the pragmatics in English language and the teacher also must explain to their students for them to understand well the pragmatics in English language. English is said to be the international language and widely use by people around the world and most of them are non-native speakers. In Malaysian context, English is our second language and people in Malaysia are come from different backgrounds such as Malay, Dayaks, Chinese and Indian. All of them have different views in perceiving English language as their second language. Yu Feng (2012) said, he believed that pragmatic knowledge was an important as linguistic knowledge in the process of developing communicative competence for interaction in different contexts. Learning pragmatic is important because it is one of the ways of developing competence in communication for different contexts

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